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Aw, I want my own timezone.

♻ Ninja of Rap

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Just found out that DJ Roc Raida died (in a mixed-martial arts accident?!). Regardless, I’ll always remember his DMC routine featured in “Scratch.” (For those unfamiliar, the DMC is the annual competition where DJs scratch out their well-practiced six-minute set—on vinyl, of course.)

In the director’s commentary, Doug Pray mentioned that they had someone pore over all the past DMC competitions for some awesome footage, and reigning champion Roc Raida’s 1996 set was chosen for his crazy body tricks. The tricks really start at 4:45 in the clip below:

P.S.: Don’t think he gave it up, either.

♻ Shipping

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I like the fifth result for us v. shipp—Google’s just covering all its bases.

Found while searching for more information about U.S. v. Shipp, the first (and only) original jurisdiction criminal case handled entirely by the Supreme Court.

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