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Because it’s the cool thing to do, I’ve created a github account to track all my dotfiles: check it.

I’ve tried to make it painless to initialize on a fresh box; just check it out (git clone git:// and run ./ It won’t overwrite any dotfiles you have, and will symbolic link to the repo. Additionally .vimrc and .zshrc will source a .vimrclocal or .zshrclocal, respectively, if they exist. This is useful for having machine-specific customizations.

Finally, I have unified configurations across my machines! No more remembering what changes I made on my work box when I’m at home! No more emailing people copies of my .vimrc when they ask for a good starting point!

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Vim, my favorite editor, is very powerful, but notoriously hard to learn. For some reason, I wanted to see if some emacs lovers had mockingly written about teaching vim to their grandmas. Googling for “explaining vim to my grandma” surprisingly brought up something useful (and vim positive): Vim Command of the Weekday, or so.


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