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♻ Actual Case

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I love the human side of the law—that there must be actual case or controversy. Almost every case has some human on one side of that v.

I’ll let Justice Kennedy take it from here.

It looks like Chadha enjoys the American life today! That great story aside, I still just can’t imagine Anthony Kennedy going to Tower Records for some CDs, though…

♻ Maps

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I love maps, and digital maps are all the more cool. There’s tons of innovation, and someone needs to tell the big three (Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo) what they’re doing well and what they need to improve on. That’s Justin O’Beirne’s job.

Another one of those great blogs in my Google Reader that never has more than one unread post. Encore!

♻ Navigable

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Question: How long would it take to go from the numerically lowest ZIP code to the highest?

Answer: 3 days 4 hours of continuous travel (including a 662-mile ferry ride!)

The starting ZIP of 00501 is a special one given to the IRS. However, it turns out you can’t easily get to Nowhere, AK’s 99950, according to Google, so I had to settle for Ward Cove’s 99928:

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