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My friend Ben tweeted the following:


These are sets of prefixes and suffixes that expand to English words (squalor, squalid, stupor, stupid…). Inspired and curious, I wrote a short script to generate more of these:

[adam@Adam-Hahns-MacBook:~]$ ./ or id /usr/share/dict/words 
[adam@Adam-Hahns-MacBook:~]$ !!|wc -c
./ or id /usr/share/dict/words|wc -c

Uh-oh, my script generated more than Ben’s grepping! Granted, not all of them would fit in a tweet, so I’ll have to forgive him. What other fun can we have?

[adam@Adam-Hahns-MacBook:~]$ ./ a e i o u /usr/share/dict/words 
[adam@Adam-Hahns-MacBook:~]$ ./ ly tty /usr/share/dict/words

Ben also informed me of a neat shell trick!

[adam@Adam-Hahns-MacBook:~]$ echo {be,unwi,co,pu,sca,wi,pa,po}{tty,ly}
betty bely unwitty unwily cotty coly putty puly scatty scaly witty wily patty paly potty poly

If you’re interested, here’s the source of

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