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For the past few weeks, when friends asked what I’ve been up to, I’d often reply, “Eh, not much—working on my website.” For the amount of time it seems I’ve put into this, tr.ashcan.org is not very impressive, but I guess it’s finally reached a steady enough state that I’m ready to “launch” it.

A Note on Naming

For those of you who have arrived and not deciphered the URL, you’re at http://tr.ashcan.org/, AKA, the “trashcan.” Why trashcan? Originally, I wanted a domain referencing the Ashcan School introduced to me in my (excellent) American Art 1900-1945 class. Setting up a site at ashcan.org seemed a little pretentious, though, and I’m not sure The Eight would appreciate my style.

Subdomains to the rescue! By making the subdomain “tr” as my homepage, I can keep my original domain—and be a little self-deprecating at the same time. Great. (I’m still kind of referencing the movement, even; they were called “ashcan” because early critics said their work belonged in a garbage can.)


My biggest blog idol is Andy Baio, and it would be a sin of omission if I didn’t mention him as an inspiration. Thus, as far as content goes, there will be two broad types of posts: links and original content. Links, denoted by a recycling symbol, will be more common, whereas original content is more rare and, appropriately, called “trash.”

If you have any suggestions or nits to pick, don’t hesitate to comment. Be sure to subscribe in your favorite feed reader!

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This site, tr.ashcan.org (AKA “trashcan”), is written by Adam Hahn. More explanation behind the URL and trash motif can be found in my inaugural post. Here’s some more contact information if you want to get a hold of me: Adam... Read More

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Fuck I wanted the first post on this thing.