12 (+ 2) Frat Party Themes

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With party themes like “golf pros and tennis hos” and “CEOs and corporate hos,” I had to know what other parties could possibly fit the requirement of “.*os and .* hos.” Google Sets didn’t really help.

grep-ing /usr/share/dict/words/ did, however, and I came up with a dozen more. Be forewarned, some of them are much better than others and some of them would make much better parties than others:

  • Dynamos and boring hos
  • Embryos and fetal hos
  • Eskimos and freezing hos
  • Gigolos and elder hos
  • Hidalgos and Mexi-hos
  • Jingos and racist hos
  • Maestros and opera hos
  • Politicos and Spitzer’s hos
  • Pyros and smoking hos
  • Rambos and ammo hos
  • Tuxedos and classy hos
  • Tyros and experienced hos

Boom. Enjoy. Any others you think I missed?

There were two more that didn’t quite fit the pattern, but I like them so much, I have to include them:

  • Esperanto (speakers) and Klingon hos
  • Fellatio (enjoyers) and straight-up hos

PS: Yes, this is the nerdiest way to come up with a party (save Euler-offs).

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Papa Rhinoceros and his two-horned hos?
Embryos and fetal hos?! omg